Red Zone Package

Our Red Zone Package is designed to maximize the next 5 months while QBs might be competing in 7 on 7 or other sports through the winter or spring.  The Red Zone package provides an on-field training schedule paired with video breakdowns to provide and maintain a consistent level of connection between Coach Gov and QB throughout the development process.  This option will provide QBs of any level the best opportunity to develop and bring their game to the next level!  

Our new training schedule and offerings are literally unrivaled and the most unique experience available in the QB development space!    

Red Zone Package (8)

All sessions run on Sundays (8 total group sessions)

  • 6 Winter 
  • 2 Spring
    • 1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 2/5, 2/19, 3/12
    • 4/16, 5/7
    • 8am – Mavericks (invite only)
    • 9am – High School and Middle School (7th – 11th grade)
    • 10 am -Youth QBs (3rd – 6th grade)

  • MAT (Mindful Athlete Training) Package – included
    • We are excited to make our partnership with Mindful Athlete Training official this winter to provide quarterbacks with a next level mental preparation that is second to none.  QBs will now sharpen their mental skills the same way they will prepare physically this off-season.  Every QB will receive a personalized bioQ, which is a mental skills assessment with a MAT coach in their lab.  In addition, we will have MAT staff onsite to infuse and reinforce our mental skills development.
    • Click here to learn more about Mindful Athlete Training
  • Video Breakdown – included (6 total breakdowns)
    • The video breakdown is a video clip that the athlete must film and send to Coach Gov within a specified window of time to be evaluated and sent back.  This is specifically designed to force QBs to invest time on their own between our sessions where they are focusing on specific aspects of what has been worked on.   
  • Gear 
    • All QBs who register will receive an MMQ t-shirt and a special MMQ towel.