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QB Driven IS NOT A CAMP!  It is a complete quarterback immersion experience.  Driven breaks the mold of the traditional quarterback camp.
Coach Matt McGovern will be working with the QBs as they dive deep into the mechanics of the position as well the learning optimal movements through an understanding of the kinetic chain.  This will be accomplished through drill work and simulations that will allow the athletes to access these strategies immediately to be incorporated into their game.
Quarterbacks will also be taken through a coverage recognition and accelerated read progression system that will equip them to manage the game better than ever before!  Coach Gov will be taking them through these user friendly strategies on the white board in a classroom setting.
Lastly, all of these teachings and techniques will be put to work as we go live with a full 7 on 7 personnel.  Quarterbacks will be working with the best talent in the area as Philly’s Finest will be on hand to provide their services which will enhance the QB experience in a competitive setting.
We are fortunate enough to be running QB Driven at Del Val University.  All quarterbacks will be asked to bring THEIR OWN LUNCH.  FOOD WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.
**QB Driven is designed for quarterbacks from (currently) 7th – 11th grade** 
Quarterbacks must bring the following:
1. Their own football
2. Lunch and water
3. Cleats and sneakers
4. A commitment to become the best version of themselves.

Small Group Training is designed for 2 – 6 QBs.  This size offers an intimate training environment that allows for maximum reps and coaching opportunities.  The small group also offers a sense of competition and camaraderie that enhances the experience.

Each session will be driven by different concepts such as decision making, drops and footwork, throwing on the run, throwing under pressure, pocket movement, etc.  Mechanics training will be featured throughout every session and remain a constant that will always be present.


The most unique, individually tailored QB training you will find anywhere.  Each session is specific to every individual to best meet their needs and progress of development.
Coach Gov also uses video analysis to provide instant feedback which allows both players and parents to view progress and coaching critiques.



4 thoughts on “Quarterback Development

    1. My apologies for just getting back to this now. I did not see it until now.
      This is non-contact training. If you are asking about the youth skills clinic or youth skills training program, both are designed to improve skills and teach kids the game of football in a fun, engaging, and age appropriate environment.

      Please don’t hesitate to get back with any questions. It’s best to reach me by email:

      Thank you,


    1. Hello,

      This is designed for all skilled positions. The goal of this clinic and the winter training program that will start in January are to improve position specific skills for both offense and defense.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions. If so, feel free to contact me via email:

      Thanks so much for reaching out.



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