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*Explosive Throwing Programs*

The MMQ Explosive Throwing Program is unlike any other Quarterback Training Program around.  It is specifically designed to train quarterbacks how to properly use their bodies as it pertains to the kinetic chain and sequencing of movements necessary to maximize throwing output.

It is very rare that quarterbacks naturally throw a football in an explosive way.  Most often, quarterbacks throw in a way that really “yanks” the football and puts heavy strain on their interior ligaments, rotator cuff, and the shoulder in general.

This program will take quarterbacks through drills and simulations that will teach and train their bodies to enhance their arm and body’s ability to increase velocity, release time, distance, and accuracy.

Quarterbacks will improve through a variety of drills and tools that focus on core strength, arm strength, flexibility, rotational force and ground force.

They will leave this training program throwing the ball harder, with more velocity, more distance, and more consistency than ever before!

**The 4th – 6th grade Explosive Throwing Program covers the exact same concepts but is slightly modified to meet the needs of younger quarterbacks.**

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*Group Interactive Training*


This 6 week (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY) program is designed to educate ALL SKILLED POSITIONS in a controlled 3 on 3 (half field) setting.  The growing trend in football is that more and more kids are now on the 7 on 7 circuit from middle school through high school.

With that, players are getting meaningful reps and experiencing quality competition during the off-season. However, sometimes there can still be a disconnect between that structure and the carry-over onto the field in the fall.

Our goal is to fill in that gap to allow for deeper understanding of the game as it pertains to basic coverage concepts, route running techniques, offensive and defensive recognition, leverage concepts, and decision making so players can be better prepared when they get to camp.

We will be providing an educational experience as well as skill building and leadership concepts.  The Group Interactive Training model will be a tremendous opportunity for athletes to improve their game and begin to take the next step in their development.

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*Youth Skills 1st – 3rd Gr. Training Program*


This program is designed for youth football players from grades 1 – 3.  Our goal is to provide age appropriate training for all positions.  We will work with all skill positions and develop skills for both offense and defense.  In addition to skill development, young athletes will also have an opportunity to increase their “football IQ” and gain a deeper understanding of this very complicated game.

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*Youth QB 1st – 3rd Gr. Training Program*


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*Youth Skills 4th – 6th Gr. Training Program*


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4 thoughts on “Quarterback Development

    1. My apologies for just getting back to this now. I did not see it until now.
      This is non-contact training. If you are asking about the youth skills clinic or youth skills training program, both are designed to improve skills and teach kids the game of football in a fun, engaging, and age appropriate environment.

      Please don’t hesitate to get back with any questions. It’s best to reach me by email:

      Thank you,


    1. Hello,

      This is designed for all skilled positions. The goal of this clinic and the winter training program that will start in January are to improve position specific skills for both offense and defense.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions. If so, feel free to contact me via email:

      Thanks so much for reaching out.



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