Development Begins Here

Coach Gov is dedicated to the development of every quarterback that he has the opportunity to work with. Working with Coach Gov allows QBs to have access to an unmatched resource which will compliment any coaching staff and team out there.

Quarterback Training Options Available now!

MMQ Summer / Fall Group Training Packages

Coach Gov offers a long-term and highly specific curriculum of development that will bring quarterbacks along with a relationship based approach that is designed to cultivate confidence and competence in all things QB. Offering on-field group sessions, video breakdowns and analysis, and an incredibly valuable partnership with Mindful Athlete Training, QBs will not find a more complete development experience. Designed for QBs ranging from Middle School to High School and College.

Youth QB Summer Training

We serve quarterbacks from 3rd to 6th grade in our youth groups. Our youth programs are built to put developing quarterbacks on the path to success through their early journey. They will begin to the lay the foundation of mechanics and footwork that everything will be built upon as they progress forward. This age appropriate curriculum will cultivate confidence along with leadership and communication skills.

Driven Football Academy 3 day Mini-Camp (June 2023)

3 Day mini-camp for all skill positions from rising 3rd to 8th grade. QBs will work directly with Coach Gov and all other positions will work with our excellent Driven staff. We will cover offensive and defensive concepts, leverage concepts, route running, and more! Don’t miss this opportunity to get ready for your season!

It’s More Than Throwing

In order to be a highly efficient and effective quarterback, the athlete must possess a tremendous amount of physical, mental, and emotional skills. With that in mind Coach Gov spends a great deal of time teaching throwing mechanics, footwork, and pocket presence. However in addition, he also prioritizes and cultivates leadership, mindfulness, coverage recognition, decision making, and general football acumen. Coach Gov believes in building “the most complete quarterback” possible. That requires the development of skills both below and above the neck!

Available Training Options

Coach Gov offers a number of different training models such as 1 on 1 and small group. There are also various programs, clinics and events that run throughout the year.

What People Say

“Brett had been working with another QB coach but my son and I were immediately drawn to Matt because of his positive energy and intuitive approach to teaching complicated mechanics to young quarterbacks.   As my son has grown and matured into a high school QB, Matt has provided advanced training in the areas of reading defenses and mindfulness.  Matt has proven to be an exceptional teacher of throwing mechanics, defensive recognition and mindfulness, yet its the confidence that Matt has given my son which is by far the most important lesson.  Matt is far more than just a QB coach, he’s a great mentor and I would highly recommend him to any young QB.”

Fred Confer – parent

Register for Training today!

Contact Coach Gov directly to set up training and learn more by email or phone. Email: mattmcgovernqb@gmail.com or Phone: 215-378-2590

1 on 1 Private Training

Runs year round. The most detailed and uniquely tailored training environment possible. We offer packages of either 2 or 4 sessions at a time.

Seasonal Group Training Packages

We offer Winter/Spring Packages and Summer/Fall Packages.

Clinics and Events

Coach Gov and the Driven Football Academy offer multiple clinics and high end events for QBs, WRs and all athletes throughout the year. Contact Coach Gov directly with any questions.

“Ride the Wave”

Become part of the MMQ family and begin the journey to becoming, not only a better quarterback, but the best version of yourself!