Why are mechanics so important?

So what it really all boils down to is a two part answer.  The first is consistency and the second is confidence.  Proper mechanics allow a quarterback to function with a high level of efficiency in a game situation.  The ability to reproduce proper mechanics on a regular basis allows a quarterback to do what he needs to with the football, regardless of the situation.  At the end of the day, that equates to a level of confidence that the quarterback will then possess.

The quarterback position is one of the hardest and most difficult positions in sports.  The demand that comes with it is second to none.  Not only does a quarterback need to make the throws, know the plays, line everyone properly, and command a huddle, but at the end of the day he needs lead and inspire young men to be a successful and function as a confident unit.  A quarterback’s teammates must believe in him.  The only way that happens, is when the quarterback believes in himself first.

So these two roads intersect very distinctively, in that, a quarterback wants to be able to do what he needs to with the ball and have the confidence to lead others regardless of the circumstances.  So in order to possess the highest level of confidence, a quarterback has to be able to get the job done with a tremendous amount of success.  At that point both aspects compliment one another.  And it all starts with a firm understanding of, and ability to achieve, proper mechanics as consistently as possible to make this happen.

More to come on mechanics…


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