Winter / Spring Group Training Programs

Coach Gov provides a proven, long-term and comprehensive QB development experience for MMQ athletes that is unmatched for QBs of any level. The commitment to our QBs is cultivated by staying connected through on-field training, video breakdowns, mental skills development, and a focus on cognitive processing and decision making.

We are excited to launch our official partnership with Mindful Athlete Training (MAT) this winter which will be infused throughout the entire off-season to bring our quarterbacks an unmatched mental advantage to help them on and off the field.

All of our QB training packages include a mental fitness assessment at the Mindful Athlete lab in Newtown as well as mental skills training services provided by Mindful Athlete Training staff onsite. Together, we empower our QBs with the tools they need to gain a deeper appreciation of the mind -body connection and how that translates into success on the field. 

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Due to the various demands and commitment levels of our athletes we have created several package options to best fit the needs of all the QBs that we work with. Click the links below for more information and registration details for all options.

Package Options